Thomas Ben Tov is a freelance Sound Engineer, based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

While working in a wide variety of musical genres, Thomas has made a name for himself in the worldwide Pantam/ handpan scene, and specialises in recording, mixing and mastering Pantams and other exotic acoustic instruments.

Thomas’ approach to sound engineering involves a true desire to capture the right musical moment at the right acoustic space, and deliver a beautiful sounding story using his own personal touch.



Thomas offers an online Mastering service for your Pantam recordings.

Suits great for singles and videos.

Upload a stereo track, and recieve it back mastered within seven days.

Please feel free to describe and send references to the sound you are looking for.

Your recording should preferably be a WAV file.

The Online Pantam Mastering Service costs 60 Euros per track, and includes two revisions if needed.

For information about recording, mixing, and other sound engineering services, please use the contact form below.

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For general inquiries-

Thomas Ben Tov


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